Here you are given the gift of a flower! The gift results in less or no pain and health.

The Doctor has combined three types of low force, gentle body work systems for pain control and overall body alignment .They are: Chiropractic, Massage Therapy and Energy Balancing. He also works with children and adults that have learning issues such as autism, ADD, ADHD and sensory integration issues.
Pain related issues are addressed with lowforce Chiropractic, that is the focus or primary procedure in the practice. Massage therapy is used for tight sore muscles to support the chiropractic adjustment. Then, energy work is used to balance the entire system and increase range of motion, and reduce inflammation. This results in a shorter healing time, fast pain relief, and less need for additional visits.
For learning related issues Cranial Sacral Therapy is used, along with LEAP and other learning related systems.

Chiropractic is the largest and most popular drug free healing profession. Doctors of Chiropractic diagnose and correct biomechanical issues that are often the cause of certain health issues. Drug free, non-surgical methods are used to move a body from pain and sickness to health and no pain.
As a Chiropractor, I work on the spine. There are two areas addressed. They are the dura mater where cerebral is. This is addressed by a system called Cranial Sacral Therapy. The second area is the bones or the osseous part of the spine.
There are two primary Chiropractic systems used in the office. They are SOT-Sacral Occipit Technique and Applied Kinesiology.
SOT, also knowen as Cranial Sacral Therapy,bases its focus on the flow of Cerebral spinal fluid in the body. See additional information in section on CST in this website. Over 49% of all Chiropractors in the US use a part of this technique .The second technique is Applied Kinesiology,also known as muscle testing. This is a system started by a chiropractor named George Goodheart in the 1960’s.
The spine itself is adjusted with two gentle, low force adjusting instruments. The activator adjusting instrument is used. It is a spring loaded device the puts a slight force into the spine as needed. Secondly, the Pierce Electronic Adjustment is used, working on the posterior or backward movement of the misaligned vertebrate.
Along with the spine,the Doctor will adjust the following parts of the body as needed: bones of the head, jaw, shoulders, elbows, and wrists. Then, moving down the body, hips, SI joints, sacrum, knees, ankles and feet

When someone has pain, most of the time it has a muscular issue as its source When the back goes out, muscles start to lock up to pull the body back into place. This results in tight sore muscles from muscles working overtime. The Doctor does massage therapy to address this. There are several types of massage used. They are deep tissue massage, myofacial release, trigger point therapy and Swedish massage. This is included in all treatments.

This is something you may have heard of , but do not know a lot about. Here is a short review of the human energy field. There is an aura or energy template field around the body. There are energy flows called meridians. You may have heard of these since they are often used in the acupuncture treatment. There are energy flows called charkas. There are seven major charkas and they are often related to a endocrine organ.
There are several reasons to address the energy system. It is not because energy is a good thing and we should have a lot of it, but it has a purpose. Think of a cell phone. It is good to have it,but the important part is that it can be used to communicate information. The body does the same thing with the energy systems. When there is a blockage in the energy field of the body , the result is illness, pain, reduced range of motion and inflammation. When I adjust a knee on a patient, the knee can now talk to the brain and the rest of the body so it can heal. This is called restoring proprioceptive function in the body. The result is amazing. People get out of pain very quickly, have fast increase of range of motion, fifty percent reduction after the first visit and need fewer visits over all. Therefore they hold their Chiropractic adjustment for a longer period of time.

There are several Energy systems I have studied. Here is a brief description of each one and how it works.

Jin Shin Jitsu: A system created by Mary Berminster. In this system a practitioner holds points on a person and waits until they feel the points and pulses balance. The points are acupuncture alarm points and certain acupuncture points.

Zero Balancing:This system was created by a M.D. Fritz Smith. In this system a practitioner will hold and balance what are called foundation joints of the body. They are the wrists, neck, hips, low back, ankles and feet. The application is a very gentle rotation and traction to the foundation joints of the body. The result is a very soothing warming gentle release feeling.

Applied Physiology:This system of healing was discovered by a man named Richard Utt.
He was an electrical engineer who had health problems that traditional Western Medicine was not able to address. When the Doctors sent him home to die, he decided to try something else. His system was the result of the information he found during his quest for health over the next 25 years.

In his system he uses muscle testing to find stress in our energy systems. He then holds points for amperage and resistance as he sees it.as a trained scientist. The system is taught and available for general use.
Some parts that I use are figure eight energies. The body is surrounded by these fields and they need to be addressed. There is holographic healing where this aspect of our energy is used for healing. He saw the body as a holographic system. Both of these things increase range of motion and reduce inflammation in a major way.
Another aspect of his system I use is pauselocking. This is where a circuit is created in the body of the practitioner, and information is stacked in this circuit regarding the patient. The practitioner holds their legs apart to create a circuit between their pelvis and brain. When new information is added the practitioner brings their legs together and then apart. When legs come together new information is added but all other information is lost. When new information is added the practitioner creates a separate circuit between their jaw and brain where all past information is stored while new information is added. So at times the practitioner will run around with their mouth open to create a circuit between their mouth and brain to hold the cir
cuit or the patient may be asked to hold the circuit on their own the same way.


There are several systems the Doctor has studied that relate to learning issues and brain integration.

One Brain Kinesiology: Developed in California in the 1970-1980 it deals with basic learning issues involving switching, memory and brain integration.

Cranial Sacral Therapy
: A system made popular by a DO named John Upleddger. This system is based on balancing the flow of Cerebral Spinal Fluid in the body. When this is out of balance ,there are certain physical results coming from the neurology involved. There is also a major energy aspect to this work.

There is a thick connective tissue sack around the brain and spinal cord. When you inhale , the bones of your head expand, and your sacrum moves forward. When you exhale, the bones contract, and your sacrum moves back. This is a pumping system that pumps CSF up your spine into your brain. So, inside the bones of your head and around your spine is a hydrostatic liquid system.

According to yoga history large energy channels run up the body on either side of the spine. The CSF, which is a salt based liquid, described earlier, is the physical transfer system in the body where energy enters the human form. So the dura matter is where your spiritual, physical and emotional self come together as one.

LEAP-Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program
This system was developed by Dr. Charles Krebs. It has systems for analyzing and treating many learning disorders. Areas treated include Right and Left corpus callosum brain communication issues, sensory integration issues, and memory and working memory are checked. Vestibular system, cerebellum reticular activation system, emotional modulatory circuits are checked and balanced